Portland or bust!

That's right folks, we're officially moving to the Great Northwest! Chuck accepted a job in the Portland Area and we will be starting our journey to the great northwest May 14th! Texas has been good to us, but we couldn't be more excited for this next chapter of life. There are three ways we're asking for help! 

1 | Prayer!

We'll be on the road for a week and half. Prayers is the best way to help us with this journey, while we pack, sell and move our lives.

2 | Order Prints 


Moving is pricy and every little bit helps. You can order prints from our Honeymoon trip to Paris and Iceland HERE and from the Northwest HERE. Also if you're a past client and are looking for the link to your gallery you can find all galleries listed HERE to order.


3 | Join our Newsletter

I know what you're probably thinking, "Another newsletter Amanda?!" I really don't want to give you my email address. One, I promise, promise you will not be getting tons of emails from us! We have some amazing things coming up in the near future though and we want you to be the first in the know. Two, our plans are to share lots of travel tips over the summer so if you're totally into that stuff we want you to subscribe! 

Follow our Travels!

Starting May 15th we'll start our 2743 mile journey to Portland from Tyler, TX. We'll be driving through the Grand Canyon, Zion and a few other amazing stops. If you're interested in seeing the route we're taking check that out HERE. And if you have any suggestions on places we MUST SEE please share.