Hey There! I’m Amanda.

If you don’t know me already let me tell you a little about myself! I grew up in the Northwest but call Florida my home for the time being. I love a good coffee shop more then most, hiking, rainy days and tacos (mmmmm tacos.) I have a serious addiction to Netflix, but also love exploring new cities and meeting new people. I’m a laid back human, a deep thinker and love building relationships. It has never been about just finding clients, but laughing with you, becoming friends, and sharing your story! 

That brings me to being a photographer. From the moment I picked up a camera I knew I had a story to tell, whether that story was mine or someone else’s. I discovered something fascinating by looking through a camera lens. Every frame is like a sentence; every angle the subtext. By capturing the ambiance and beauty of light, a good photographer gets to reveal a story. I like to capture moments within your story that will take you back to the laughter, love, tears of joy, and life-giving times that fill your everyday. The chapters in your life that you'll want to return to again and again, can be preserved forever within the beauty of the photograph.  Seriously, how awesome is that!? I never take for granted what I get to do. It’s my art and mission to be a storyteller, whether its your wedding, or me just coming and hanging out with you in your home. 

So what should you expect when you hire me? You should expect someone you could be friends with, someone that will make it her mission to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. I care about my craft, and you as a person. Every story is unique so help me share that. I hope I can share my vision with you, and be more than just a photographer; someone you can enjoy the day with, who desires to capture moments for you, with taste and an artistic eye. I’d like to give you something you’ll cherish for the rest of your life, and share with family and friends as you grow older.


So lets be friends! Lets chat, and drink pretty lattés together. 


Want to know if we’re friend soul mates?

My favorite color is green. 

Everywhere I travel I hunt down then best local coffee shops, (screw Starbucks)

Pizza and Tacos (A Love on the same level)

I have a habit of taking selfies in dressing rooms, usually peace signs are involved


Flowers and more flowers

I’m a morning person

I probably like shoes that your grandma likes too, Birks, Chacos, and hiking boots to list a few

I’m a sucker for a good margarita 

“You’re tall” yep! 

I'm emotional it all the best ways. 

Netflix lover

Child of God

See that guy over there? He's my best friend and greatest encourager, I like him a lot.