It's that time of year! When all the holiday stuff starts filling the stores and Netflix starts sneaking christmas movies into the mix. You'll probably start thinking about sending out holiday cards and getting christmas presents here shortly so I'm here to help with that! This November I'll be having Mini Sessions to celebrate. I wanted to offer something special for everyone and give back to our local community so every session that is booked 20% of the proceeds will go to FSS (Family Support Services) and a program they put together for Christmas called Be An Angel. This program is to help older kids in foster care that don't usually receive gifts through standard community donations that are focused on much younger children. Foster kids, ages 10 to 22, are less likely to have a "traditional" holiday season without our community's support. Along with donating 20% of each session, I've teamed up with my friend Jordan Brantley, a local designer in the area to help you send out the most beautiful Christmas cards this year and The Wilding Collective who will be providing a few lovely florals for you guys to use for the shoot. 

15-20 images, Printing rights, 250.00

Location: Willow Branch Park. We'll have a lot to work with here! 

When: Saturday November 21st All day long

How long: 20-25 minutes 

What do we wear? I suggest wearing something you feel comfortable in and more neutral colors and patterns. You want these pictures to be as timeless as possible so you'll look back and remember the moment not think "what am I wearing?!" If you need some visual examples you can visit my pinterest here.

Who can sign up? Anyone and everyone! New family, old family, engagements, couples, single, pets! Groups up to 5 are welcome. 

How do I sign up? Email me at, I'll send you the contact and an invoice to pay the deposit! 

Will I be shooting any film? Yes. I plan on shooting a roll of 35mm of each session and digital. I want to shoot both so that I can turn around the digital files quickly if you are trying to send off Christmas cards, Film is a longer process and can take up to two weeks to get the photos back sometimes. 

Time slots!

     10:30am- booked     11:00am- booked   11:30am- booked

     2:30pm     3:00pm     3:300pm     4:00pm- booked     4:30pm- booked     





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