red head bride

Music and Movement

As seen on Trendy Bride.

With being on a new adventure of media format film this was a shoot I put together after the workshop to get more practice in. Our original location fell through which could have been a sad day for us, but it was still fun to work with what we had and create something from a blank canvas. I am so incredibly thankful for each person that helped me with this shoot, and I loved pushing myself to shoot inside! 

8317_06style shootamandalenhardt.JPG
8314_15style shootamandalenhardt.JPG
8313_10style shootamandalenhardt.JPG
8312_07style shootamandalenhardt.JPG
8312_05style shootamandalenhardt.JPG
8312_02style shootamandalenhardt.JPG
8312_15style shootamandalenhardt.JPG
7487_04style shootamandalenhardt.JPG
7487_08style shootamandalenhardt.JPG
7487_03style shootamandalenhardt.JPG
8315_02style shootamandalenhardt.JPG
8317_12style shootamandalenhardt.JPG
8315_09style shootamandalenhardt.JPG
8317_13style shootamandalenhardt.JPG
8316_11style shootamandalenhardt.JPG
8317_07style shootamandalenhardt.JPG
8318_07style shootamandalenhardt.JPG
8315_11style shootamandalenhardt.JPG
8317_08style shootamandalenhardt.JPG
8313_07style shootamandalenhardt.JPG
8313_02style shootamandalenhardt.JPG
8309_09style shootamandalenhardt.JPG
8309_15style shootamandalenhardt.JPG
8310_05style shootamandalenhardt.JPG
8310_13style shootamandalenhardt.JPG
8310_03style shootamandalenhardt.JPG
8311_02style shootamandalenhardt.JPG
8311_03style shootamandalenhardt.JPG
8311_12style shootamandalenhardt.JPG
8309_01style shootamandalenhardt.JPG

Hair: Gwynne Mims Salon Dresses: Shop Gossamer and The Dress Theory Florals: Cantor Palm Design Jewelry: Biju Bee Calligraphy: Lauren Hussey Models: Hannah Hoffman and Robynn Sorenson Photo Scans: Photovision