one day in austin

24 Hours in Austin

Before I sent my boyfriend off to Texas for his new job, we had a chance to spend 24 hours in Austin. This was my first time really getting to experience Austin and I wasn't left disappointed. There are so many places we didn't get a chance to try, but here's a small list next time you have a day to explore. 

8:00am | 24 Diner 

So a Diner that's opened 24 hours a day means you have the option to do this any time of the day but we choose to start our day off here. It's a farm to table restaurant with some of the best fried chicken I've ever had. 

9:00am | Seventh Flag Coffee

So if you know me, you know I'm a coffee gal. It's not unusual for me to go to multiple coffee shops in one day and that did happen on this trip. We started with Seventh Flag with was perfect for some work time in the middle of the day. 


11:00am | Houndstooth Coffee

Yes we did go to this shops back to back. Yes I was completely satisfied with both places. 

12:00pm | Juiceland

Yessssss. This place was tasty and easy to grab something while we were walking around downtown. I was embarrassing Chuck by making him hold drinks for me to take videos of. 

1:00pm | Modcloth Popup Shop

I realize this won't be here forever so I probably shouldn't put it on my list but I can't help it. Not only did I have fun, but Chuck did to. We got to walk around the store pick out the things I wanted to try on and have someone pull it for me in my size. It was awesome to shop somewhere were all sizes were in the same place. They went up to a 2X in everything and even though I'm not that size it felt nice to have the options if a large didn't fit. They have a few other cities they'll be in this summer and I highly recommend stopping by if they're in your area.


2:00pm | Gourdough's 

I'm going to be honest with you, we actually ate at this place the night before when we first got in town, but it's a must. We went to Voodoo Doughnuts and it really couldn't compare. If you're a donut lover like my mister you'll want to eat here.

3:00pm | McKinney Falls 

We were camping on this trip about 30 minutes outside of Austin so at this point we decided to head back to our campsite and swim at the falls for a little bit. It did start thunderstorming about 15 minutes after we got out there so we didn't really get to swim, but it was a beautiful area to just hangout and relax for a bit.


6:00pm | Elizabeth St. Cafe

We were celebrating our one year anniversary so we choose to go somewhere a little fancier. Elizabeth St. Cafe was highly recommended by a lot of different people so we decided to try it out. IT WAS AMAZING. Everything we had was so tasty, 


All and all we had an amazing time in Austin and I can't wait to explore more once I call the big state of Texas home. Until next time!