INFJ | How My Personality Betters my Business


Since high school I remember being obsessed with personality tests. Every test I came across was just a way for me to dig deeper to who I was and see what the world had to say about me. It's funny for how many different tests I probably took throughout high school and college I never took the Myers Briggs test until this last year when I was meeting with a counselor to help with some of my anxiety. I remember reading all about being an INFJ and just being wowed about how spot on it was. It actually helped with so much of my anxiety, because so many of the feelings I was having was a result of trying to be someone I'm not. You see I'm quiet by nature, which is so easy to see as a negative. It's easy to compare my personality to the bubbly personality types I come across often in the wedding industry, and wonder why I can't be like that, but over the last year I've been working on how my personality can benefit my business and life. 

I'm an observer 

As a wedding photographer this has been such a powerful aspect of my personality in my business. Creatively I love capturing those moments that might otherwise become a blur during the day, Though I'm quiet by nature, I'm constantly observing my surroundings looking for those moments that reflect you and your story. 

I have a giant heart for people

I love knowing who people are, I tend to always see the good in those around me, and I love listening. My natural instinct is to stay calm which is so helpful on a sometimes stressful wedding day. I'm gentle with my words because I care about those around me a lot

It's not about me it's about you

I don't like talking about myself, I never have. The older I get the less I like it. But I love listening to others, and where they're from and what they do. I love grabbing coffee and chatting one on one and just understanding other humans. It's what makes me who I am, because I like to take in the ideas of others before I speak up. 

Whoever told me as a little girl, that I needed to "speak up" and be more "outgoing" was wrong. I don't have to change who I am to live my life because the world needs quiet people just as much as they need those that are loud. I don't have to change who God created me to be in the profession I'm in. It's so easy to see things as a negative, but sometimes we just need to change our perspective. Being quiet or more soft spoken is not a problem, just like being talkative and outgoing isn't. Each person is beautifully created the way they are and play a vital role in the lives we live. I know I couldn't do life without my extroverted friends, or my introverted friends. So what is your personality type? I'd love to know.