What do you shoot with?

I use a handful of different cameras and lens and shoot both digital and film! I use both the Canon 5D Mark II and III among a handful of prime lens and also the Contax 645 and the Canon 1V.


Do you travel?

Heck yeah! Traveling is one of my absolutely favorite things so don't let that keep you from contacting me. I create custom packages for destination weddings, built to make it less stressful for you so we can celebrate your wedding day together!


What is your style?

Organic, honest, and elegant. I'm shooting as an art, to tell a story. It's about finding light, emotion and real moments for you to remember. It's not about just calling myself "Fine Art" but shooting with intent. I want you to look back at your pictures and feel like a mix of a rockstar and like I'm telling your story over and over again. Every photo is meaningful, mixing honesty and elegance all in one. 


What do I do in front of the camera?

Have no fear of the camera, I'm here to help you through that! Our shoot will be full of deep breaths, bad jokes and laughing. Lets be honest, the camera has a way at bringing anxiety out in a lot of people, but that shouldn't be the case! Every person is beautiful, so don't worry about what you'll do with your hands, or how you'll stand, it's my job to take care of that! 


How long have you been doing this?

I picked up my first camera when I was 15 and fell in love instantly. From there I realized this was what I wanted to pursue so I dived in deep. I continued my love for photographer through college and received a bachelors of Fine Art with a focus in Photography from the University of North Florida. I've been shooting weddings for over four years now and am always growing through the process. 


Should we order prints?

Duh! Remember when we were kids and our parents printed everything? One of my favorite things is going through those old photos, remembering times at Disneyworld, fishing, hiking and exploring. We live in the digital world now and so often we just look at photos on our phones, computers and tablets. I encourage printing so much and offer print boxes with my wedding packages because I believe that's part of the experience. Albums are also available and can be quoted upon request.